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Biowet Drwalew (Ovejero Group) sponsors the X International Buiatric Conference.

The National Veterinary Institute - National Research Institute in Pulawy has held the International Conference Immunoprophylaxis specific and non-specific in the fight against diseases of cattle.


The event took place on 25-26th April 2014 and was organized by the National Veterinary Institute  - National Research Institute in Pulawy, Department of Cattle and Sheep Diseases, and the Polish Buiatric Association. Participants had the opportunity to listen to both foreign and native speakers. In connection with the anniversary, 85 years on the Polish market and 5 years of cooperation with Laboratorios Ovejero, BIOWET Drwalew SA as the first company with Polish roots was the main sponsor of the X International Buiatric Conference in Pulawy.

The aim of the Conference was the presentation of current issues and research results involving issues of: immunoprophylaxis specific and nonspecific in the fight against diseases of cattle.

In this case, more than 400 people (most of them young veterinary doctors related with bovine clinic) have attended the conference, and more than 40 companies have participated as exhibitors, within them, international guests from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. . This conference is an important source of knowledge and a very interesting place to know the last reports about bovine diseases.

The main sponsor has been Biowet Drwalew, company specialized on the manufacturing of veterinary medicines and its commercialization through the national and international market.

The National Veterinary Institute at Pulawy has offered scientist support to the conference and the Deputy of the Institute, Prof. Miroslaw Polak and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference - prof. Dariusz Bednarek DVM, PhD, Head of Department of Cattle and Sheep Diseases have attended the conference also.