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Laboratorios Ovejero S.A. brings out in Spain NOVARVILAP®, vaccine against RHDV

In August 2010, atypical cases of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) which caused 25% mortality in vaccinated females appeared in the north of France. The existing vaccine provided good protection until then. Although young rabbits were not generally affected, high percentages were shown in this case.

In October, the number of cases increased significantly, appearing in previous unaffected areas.

Similar situations occurred in Italy and, in December 2012 the first cases appeared in Spain and Portugal and symptoms were markedly less congested and hemorrhagic than cases in 1988. It also affected young and adult rabbits vaccinated with products developed in 1988 as it happened in France. 

The causal agent of the new presentation undoubtedly has genetic relationships with Calicivirus that caused the previous. However, although at first there was talk of a new variant, today it is more common the idea that this is a new virus.

Laborarorios Ovejero, SA, pioneer in the development of vaccines for emerging processes of rabbit emerged in the early '80s, focused from October 2013 on the development of a specific vaccine against the process.


Using the experience gained in the research in 1988, Laboratorios Ovejero, S.A., with a young research team, and advised by scientists who had developed innovative vaccines before, tried to develop a new and original product. Soon the first and encouraging results were obtained.

It was possible to generate the disease with strains isolated in its facilities and got an experimental product that did not kill the animals and protected against infection in laboratory facilities.

As the product protected young animals (baby rabbits) and also mothers, the company made corresponding file that was presented to the Ministry of Agriculture and Spanish Medicines Agency whose technicians evaluated the product and finally it has come to receive approval on 26 May.

According to the instructions of the Ministry for product distribution and use standards, NOVARVILAP ® will become, as previously occurred with other Laboratorios Ovejero's specialties, a weapon of great importance in process control.

How to get the vaccine

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